@AVANCIS/ Photographer: Albrecht Voss.

SKALA ventilated photovoltaic facades, leading the way in solar facades

SKALA is a photovoltaic glass panel designed for ventilated facades, enabling the production of electrical energy using CIGS technology, which is currently the most advanced and efficient available. This photovoltaic module features rear fastening that allows it to be mounted on a ventilated facade using standard substructure systems.

SKALA panel is purely aesthetic (frameless) and is available in 12 colours. It can be combined with PHENOLIC PANELS, ALUMINUM COMPOSITE PANELS, POLYMER CONCRETE, etc., and can be installed either vertically or horizontally.

Mechanically, the panel is certified with abZ (DIBt) for constructions subject to wind loads of 6KN/m2 (in accordance with IEC 61730 standards).

The panel provides a maximum power output of 150 W for darker colors (manufacturing tolerance: -5%/+10%).

@AVANCIS/ Photographer: SCHRAG Fassaden GmbH.

Key features

Available colours

Compliance with European Regulations and Safety Standards

@AVANCIS/ @GASAG/ Photographer: Leo Seidel.

@AVANCIS/ Photographer: SCHRAG Fassaden GmbH.

@AVANCIS/ Photographer: Jonas Westling.

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