Migraine relief device created with SABIC material

SABIC worked with eNeura company in the creation of sTMS mini®.
SABIC worked with eNeura company in the creation of sTMS mini®, a transcranial magnetic stimulation device, available only by medical prescription, that works in the migraines' prevention and treatment. eNeura chose SABIC's copolymer polycarbonate for the device's housing after several performance tests and comparison with competing materials.

New ThermoPRO granulators from Rapid Granulator are tailor-made for use in-line with thermoforming lines

At Plast 2018, leading size reduction equipment manufacturer Rapid Granulator is introducing a new range of granulators designed specifically for in-line processing of skeletal waste from sheet and film thermoforming lines.
The new patent-pending ThermoPRO Series – based on an already patented Rapid design – is available in various standard and low-built formats for handling scrap widths from 600 to 1,500 mm (24-60 in.). A ThermoPRO 400-90 for granulating webs up to 900 mm in width (35 in.) will be on display at the company’s booth, B102, Pav. 15, during Plast 2018, 29 May – 1 June in Milan. ThermoPRO machines combine features already proven on other Rapid granulators – double-scissor cutting action, an “open hearted” design for fast production changeovers and ease of maintenance, a mineral composite base for high stability and low noise, for example – with numerous new elements that were tailor-made to make thermoforming operations easier to run and more cost-effective. “When we designed the ThermoPRO, we wanted to get inside the head of the operator to see how we could help them out and make their life easier, more controlled and more reliable,” says Bengt Rimark, Rapid’s CEO based in Bredaryd, Sweden. “That’s why we have been cooperating with some really big and demanding players in the field during development.”

AGI present in the ARCHI SUMMIT 4th edition

AGI participates in the 4th edition of ARCHI SUMMIT, the biggest Conference of Architecture in Portugal, in the next days 12th and 13th July, at LX FACTORY in Lisbon.
In the 4th edition of ARCHI SUMMIT, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda associates itself as Sponsor of the event and brings to architects and designers its interior design solutions. MOSO BAMBOO's bamboo flooring and coating solutions and FENIX nanotechnological coatings will be AGI's highlights in this event that annually have more than 2000 attendees.

Three new filaments for 3D printing

Sabic launched three filaments for fused deposition modelling (FDM), the third expansion of its additive manufacturing materials offering within 12 months.
The first filament, “Ultem AM1010F”, provides high heat resistance and high mechanical strength. It can be used in short-cycle injection moulding tools, carbon fibre layup tools and automotive components. The filament is compliant with the UL94 V-0 flammability standard at 1.5 mm and UL94 5VA compliant at 3.0 mm. “Ultem AMHU1010F” filament is a polyetherimide (PEI) product and is unpigmented. It is biocompatible (ISO 10993 or USP Class VI), and printed parts can be sterilised using gamma irradiation, ethylene oxide (EtO) processing or steam autoclaving. “Lexan AMHC620F” polycarbonate filament is also biocompatible and can be sterilised with gamma irradiation or EtO methods. This filament meets the UL94 HB flammability rating at 1.5 mm. Both filaments are suitable for a wide variety of medical devices.

SABIC PP compounds for soft feel in automotive interiors

Sabic launched its “Sabic” PP compounds that deliver a soft feel combined with “excellent” scratch performance in unpainted, low-gloss automotive interior components, such as glove boxes and door panels.
The company says the compounds provide an attractive matte surface with good impact performance and low shrinkage, as well as good sound damping capability. The portfolio is available globally, and includes several grades of short glass fibre-reinforced PP for a choice of stiffness level and material density. The compounds are also UV-stabilised to prevent fading and colour shift. The injection moulding materials can help automotive OEMs cut up to 50% of costs by avoiding secondary operations such as applying soft paint, fabric, foam or other surface coverings, says Sabic.

SABIC presents material solutions for protective cases for smartphones

The protective cases for smartphones are getting new forms with the constant evolution of the technology and design. Keeping these trends in mind, SABIC presents you with the different types of protective cases that have appeared in the market and SABIC’s materials solutions for this parts production.
The protective cases for smartphones are getting new forms with the constant evolution of the technology and design. Keeping these trends in mind, SABIC presents you with the different types of protective cases that have appeared in the market and SABIC’s materials solutions for this parts production. Check out here the SABIC leaflet with material solutions for this application.

INEOS Styrolution to build a world-scale styrene monomer plant

INEOS STYROLUTION will invest in a new plant on the Gulf Coast in the USA for the production of styrene monomer worldwide.
INEOS STYROLUTION will invest in a new plant on the Gulf Coast in the USA for the production of styrene monomer worldwide. The goal is to complement existing production units by providing more competitive advantage and responsiveness to the market. Read more at:

AGI honored with Albond's Biggest Project Award

ALBOND, a manufacturer of aluminum composite panels for ventilated facades, has awarded its distributor to Portugal and Spain - AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda - with the Biggest Project Award 2017.
The expansion project for the Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport in Santiago, Chile, for which AGI provided to the construction company INBOBE more than 30,000 square meters of aluminum composite, was the motto for awarding the prize delivered on 15 March in Turkey at the annual meeting of Albond distributors. The Biggest Project Award is awarded annually by Albond among more than 35 distributors worldwide of its aluminum composite material, recognizing the merit of the distributor who could assign the largest number of square meters of that material in one project. This time the prize came to the Iberian Peninsula, by the hand of AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda, who recognizes the commitment that this prize entails: "For us it is an honor to receive this prize from Albond because it is the recognition of an exhaustive work of promotion of these materials, their advantages and solutions. It is clear to us that Albond aluminum composites are an advanced solution for anyone looking for a durable, highly aesthetic and with character material for ventilated façades. ", concluded Gabriel Ilunga, Business Manager of Construction Materials Department at AGI.

PlasticsEurope supports European strategy for a more circular economy

The PlasticsEurope association welcomed the EC recommendations for the reduction of plastic waste and the aim of getting all plastics on the market to be recyclable until 2030.
The announcement of the Plastics 2030 strategic plan, which contains a set of ambitious targets and initiatives, has confirmed PlasticsEurope's commitment to these goals.
PlasticsEurope supports the creation of a joint vision for a truly circular and resource efficient Europe by promoting action to combat the release of plastics into the environment by increasing recycling and reuse. "Building sustainable, long-term development requires courage, innovation and concrete action," said Daniele Ferrari, president of PlasticsEurope and CEO of Versalis (Eni). "It is in this spirit that we have designed the Plastics 2030 - Voluntary Commitment. With these ambitious promises, the European plastics industry effectively contributes to shaping new sustainable solutions to meet global challenges. "
This voluntary commitment focuses on increasing reuse and recycling, prevention of plastic spillage in the environment and accelerating resource efficiency. European plastics manufacturers are committed to ensuring high rates of reuse and recycling with the ambition of reaching 60% for plastic packaging by 2030.

SABIC acquires 25% stake in Clariant

SABIC begins 2018 with the acquisition of 25% stake in Clariant. The acquisition of these stakes, which were previously held by White Tale and 40 North, makes SABIC the largest Clariant shareholder.
“Clariant AG is complementary to SABIC’s existing specialties business and is well in line with SABIC’s strategy of opening up new growth opportunities in specialty chemicals,” SABIC CEO Yousef al-Benyan said in a statement. Despite SABIC has not revealed how much was the investment, the stake is worth around $2.4 billion based on market capitalization.
By now, SABIC said it had no current plans to launch a full takeover of Clariant.

SABIC announces new LEXAN CXT resins for optical applications

SABIC has unveiled a new line of high-clarity, high-heat, injection moldable polycarbonate copolymer resins. LEXAN™ CXT resins can offer a unique balance of high temperature resistance, high flow and excellent color stability under extreme molding conditions, together with a high refractive index.
LEXAN™ CXT resins can be used in optical applications in the electronics, consumer & industrial, and healthcare industries. Global industry trends such as miniaturization and the need to integrate more functions into less space are driving a growing demand for the level of performance offered by LEXAN™ CXT resins. With Vicat B120 softening temperatures as high as 190°C and glass transition temperatures (Tg) of up to 195°C, LEXAN™ CXT resins can provide converters with the potential to injection mold parts that can withstand demanding assembly processes, such as cold reflow or wave soldering onto printed circuit boards. Parts will also stand up to prolonged exposure to high service temperatures.
LEXAN™ CXT resins, which can have a refractive index (RI) over 1.6 as well as high transparency and thermal stability can help prevent deformation or discoloration. Feedback from SABIC customers over the course of the development of LEXAN™ CXT resins indicates numerous other potential benefits. These potential benefits include: improvements in productivity and system costs through shorter cycle times; improved dimensional accuracy; fewer production stoppages and lower reject levels; and the potential to create components with more complex geometries, thinner and longer walls, and improved textural definition.
The new LEXAN™ CXT resins will complement existing LEXAN™ polycarbonate copolymer specialty resins, which include EXL, XHT and SLX resins. These can be distinguished, respectively, by particularly good low-temperature impact resistance, heat resistance in clear and opaque forms, and high weatherability.

SABIC’s new PP extrusion line

SABIC announced the start-up of its new Polypropylene (PP) extrusion facility in Geleen, The Netherlands. This new extrusion line adopts state-of-the-art process technology to produce SABIC® PP products and the next generation PP copolymers.
“(…) Our new investment will open up opportunities to create more efficient, higher performing products that can generate sustainable solutions for us and for our customers’ long-term success,” said Lada Kurelec, Global Business Director Polypropylene at SABIC.
The new PP extrusion facility will be located next to the existing polymerization plant in Geleen where SABIC has a full-scale plant and the Global Technology Center for Europe. This new investment is an important step in growing and developing the company’s capabilities in the region, where SABIC has solid expertise in polyolefin developments from all aspects: catalyst, process, material and application.

Flexcool, utmost flexibility of application and efficiency of operation from Aquatech

Aquatech makes its debut on the market with an engineering solution that supersedes the principles of centralized systems, to ensure greater energy efficiency and savings of between 35 and 50%.
Aquatech, one of the recently established companies of the Piovan Group, with core competences in industrial cooling systems, makes its debut on the market with an engineering solution that supersedes the principles of centralized systems, to ensure greater energy efficiency and savings of between 35 and 50%.
The Flexcool solution, in fact, can use ambient temperature to cool the processing equipment. Such a peculiar strategic feature makes Flexcool ideally suitable to serve sets of injection moulding machines having diverse characteristic, that is, in work situations where different uses are present and operating at varying processing conditions (temperature, flow, pressure). Flexcool ensures the highest level of control, flexibility and energy efficiency.
The conventional design of a centralized cooling system suffers of substantial thermal energy losses. The chiller, for example, produces cooling water at one temperature, the lowest necessary, for all equipment, moulds, and hydraulic circuit of the machinery. No matter whether some of the inj.m.machines are of the latest generation or the moulds that equip those require a higher temperature or a lower flow, the cooling system will operate in the worst condition possible forever. Flexcool instead consists of a central dry cooler of the Aryacool line coupled to a series of thermochillers of the DigitempEvo line. One DigitempEvo each inj.m.machine. In this way, it is possible to achieve the optimum operating cooling temperature, water flow and pressure for each machine, depending now on production specifications and not anymore on equipment limitations. The first improvement, immediately appreciable, is the obtainment of an average electricity savings of 35%. Each DigitempEvo is equipped with a digital scroll compressor and an electronic expansion valve: these two components allow optimization and stabilization of the water temperature control and reduction of the energy required to cool it, without fluctuations or losses. The Flexcool solution can produce savings in excess of 50%, as under normal operating conditions most of the heat load is handled by the Aryacool drycooler, while the DigitempEvo refrigerant circuit is only activated for those moulds requiring a cooling temperature lower than that produced by the Aryacool unit.
The main components of a Flexcool solutions are two, the Aryacool drycooler and the DigitempEvo thermochiller.
The Aryacool drycooler performs at the highest level of efficiency for a temperature differential between the environment and the cooling water of up to 5 degrees. The DigitempEvo thermochiller controls flow and pressure of the cooling water, with additional capability of simultaneously control two different temperatures, for two separate circuits, that can be adjusted between 5 and 90° C. Unlike centralized systems that typically require two separate water distribution lines, but in a Flexcool system the water is distributed through a single circuit at ambient temperature, which does not require insulation: this is low pressure, service water.

AGI introduces new SISE MV3 hot runners controllers

AGI presents the new MV3 hot runners controllers from SISE at Moldplas 2017.
The presentation of the new MV3 hot runners controllers from SISE will be presented at MOLDPLAS fair in Batalha (Leiria, Portugal). These new equipment are in line with industry 4.0: have IMM communication protocol and a VNC display. The latest MV3 range has from 8 to 336 zones, has an integrated touch screen (7 ", 10" or 15 ") and allows zones' customization by grouping or labeling and allows to visualize its status by color coding. It is possible to export the process information to a USB stick and make a complete diagnosis of the control circuits aided by an alarm system. Thanks to its 4 soft-start modes this is a device with longer life time and lower energy costs. Its complete opening of the side and front panels allow easy maintenance and cleaning.

AGI awarded as the best European distributor of FANUC ROBOSHOT injection machines

FANUC CORPORATION has awarded AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda in recognition of its performance as the best European distributor in 2016 of the 100% electric injection machines FANUC ROBOSHOT.
The award was given at the Distributor’s Annual Meeting by Area Managers of Robomachine business unit from FANUC Europe and FANUC Worldwide, Yuki Kita and Hiroshi Watanabe respectively, by the President of FANUC Europe, Shinichi Tanzawa, and by the General Manager of FANUC Iberia, David Trabal. AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda started its relationship with FANUC with the distribution of the injection machines ROBOSHOT 11 years ago, when the technology in 100% electric injection machines was little known and where the requirements of the market were increasingly demanding. Later, AGI also incorporated the articulated robots from FANUC in its equipment portfolio for the industry. ROBOSHOT are fully electric and have a unique CNC control in the world. All ROBOSHOT machines and their main components (controls, amplifiers and motors) are manufactured 100% in the FANUC plant in Japan. These machines allow an improvement in the productivity and energy saving for plastics processing industry, covering a wide range of applications for the aerospace market, automobile, consumer goods, education, food, pharmaceuticals, solar panels, among many others. FANUC has made several investments in its production processes, namely a new factory and expansion of its testing laboratories in Japan, which amounted to more than 962 million euros in the last year. These investments have allowed to increase the productive capacity and to increase the reliability and precision of the FANUC equipment.

Rapid Granulator makes major investment to improve productivity and quality control

Rapid Granulator is making a major investment in machining equipment at its headquarters in Bredaryd, Sweden. Installation of three high-precision, highly automated machining centers, with a total investment of €4.5 million, will provide the company with extra capacity to produce core components to very tight tolerances while improving overall process flow.
Leading size reduction equipment manufacturer Rapid Granulator is making a major investment in machining equipment at its headquarters in Bredaryd, Sweden. Installation of three high-precision, highly automated machining centers, with a total investment of €4.5 million, will provide the company with extra capacity to produce core components to very tight tolerances while improving overall process flow. A new “Done-in-One” turning and milling machine was installed in April, followed by a horizontal machining center in June; a third machine is scheduled to go into operation before the end of the year. The machining centers are fully integrated with an FMS (flexible manufacturing system) center, involving automatic rail-guided vehicles that have the capability of running without any operator intervention. Components produced on the new equipment will be used in granulators that Rapid produces in Bredaryd and also at its U.S. facility in Pittsburgh, PA. “In the future, we will be able to produce tolerance-critical components in much bigger numbers and in larger sizes in-house than before,” says Rapid’s CEO Bengt Rimark. “Machining for us is a core technology. We need to maintain very high accuracy and precision, so it is very important that we have complete control over production of the principal components in the cutter housings.” “We are very happy that our new owner, Lifco, has the vision to build for the future. Lifco has a long-term interest in Rapid. It analyzed what was necessary to take us to the next level, and came to the conclusion that the bottleneck was in our machining centers. Hence this investment,” adds Rimark. In recent months, Lifco has also has also paid for a major expansion of test facilities in Bredaryd and it has brought back in-house all production of Rapid’s granulators for the North American market in Pittsburgh. The new machining centers in Bredaryd will produce the key machine components for all Rapid granulators. These have a direct influence on the granule quality generated in the cutting process. “You have to convert your scrap material into high quality regrind, so you can feed it back into the production process again without affecting the production process negatively. Your regrind will then get the same value as your virgin raw material, generating huge savings,” says Rimark. He also emphasizes the importance of granulators being able to operate continuously for long periods at a time. “The granulator is often the most profit-generating piece of equipment in a plastics processing factory.” Rimark says. “That is why return on investment can be as short as three or four months.” Rimark highlights the outstanding capability of the new equipment. The two very large horizontal machining centers each hold over 200 different tools and can carry out a wide range of tasks, including grinding, drilling and threading. “This provides us with 100% control over all tolerances,” he points out. Because the “Done-in-One” machine can perform both turning and milling, Rapid can produce major components like rotors in a single step. Before, this was a job that required several separate setups. “Rapid has grown every year since the 2008/9 financial crisis,” says Rimark. “We expect demand to continue to increase. Markets around the world are all growing at the moment and we see a lot of investments being made by processors. So, we need to make sure that our lead times remain reasonable.” All Rapid machines are custom-made, so the company cannot build inventory of finished units for off-the-shelf delivery. That makes it especially important for it to be highly efficient in the production of core components. “With this latest investment, we are more flexible in production, we can produce to even tighter tolerances than before, and overall quality is higher,” concludes Rimark.

SABIC announces new additions to its range of impact copolymers with the new SABIC® PP FLOWPACT FPC70

The new SABIC® PP FPC70 is a new grade in the FLOWPACT family.
The new SABIC® PP FPC70 is a new grade in the FLOWPACT family and joins the already announced SABIC® PP FPC45 and SABIC® PP FPC100. The SABIC® PP FPC70 allows for up to 10% thinner walls and faster injection, thereby reducing energy consumption and increasing productivity.

Robot Wemo 4-5 Swingarm updated with new functions

The Wemo 4-5 Swingarm Robot was recently updated with several new functions to accomplish the most recent security regulations.
The BUS communication between the control system and the movement was improved, resulting in faster and more precise movement of the output. The WIPS mini software is now equipped as standard with the Euromap 67 electric interface with the intermediate position of the open mold, which means that the robot can start vertical movement before the mold is fully open. Another useful option is to add the blowing function so that the vacuum circuit can release light parts more quickly and easily. Click here to watch a video of the robot.

SABIC SF&S distinguishes AGI for 28 years of partnership

The award was presented on 17th May at the SABIC SF&S Annual Distributors Meeting in Hoorn, The Netherlands.
Since 1989, AGI and SABIC SF&S have been working side by side to supply polycarbonate sheets for translucent covers to the portuguese market. As a way of welcoming AGI for its long-standing joint business and for the good performance as its distributor, SABIC SF&S has decided to award AGI a recognition award for its 28 years of partnership. The award was presented on 17th May at the SABIC SF&S Annual Distributors Meeting in Hoorn, The Netherlands.

Seminar Technyl Day exceeds expectations

AGI gathered at Technyl Day Seminar some SOLVAY's clients and representatives
On 10th May, AGI gathered at Technyl Day Seminar some SOLVAY's clients and representatives to discuss the latest trends, innovations and developments of TECHNYL polyamides. Highlights included metal replacement, fire retardant grades, contact applications with potable water and recycled premium for green applications.

Get know about FANUC's multi-component injection

Did you know that you can use the FANUC's IMM Roboshot to do multi-component injection?
You only have to integrate the horizontal SI-300HA injection unit and/or the vertical SI-20A injection unit with your IMM Fanuc Roboshot. Check out the characteristics at the available catalogues.

New Technyl Red from Solvay for better performance in thermal applications

In the last quarter of 2016, Solvay announced the new Technyl Red as the most promising solution for automotive components with demanding thermal requirements.
This reinforced polyamide 6.6 is heat-resistant and consists of an "intelligent" macromolecule that integrates patented self-reinforcing polymer chain technology that does not affect its molecular structure.

Portable speakers with new VersaflexTM (TPE) grades from PolyOne

Polyone announced in February the launch of two new VersaflexTM CE grades designed specifically for portable speakers.
These new grades have been formulated to improve design, performance and processing capabilities as an alternative to the traditional silicon, TPU or TPV commonly used. VersaflexTM CE 40 Shore A allows overmolding on a range of rigid polymer substrates to create internal sealing. This grade offers low compression set to protect the most sensitive audio components from water and dirt. The VersaflexTM CE 80 Shore A grade allows you to enhance the lining of the column with a silky feel and excellent abrasion resistance.

Swimming pool lighting with PolyOne Therma-TechTM

A Turkish supplier of swimming pool lighting systems has chosen PolyOne - ThermaTechTM thermally conductive polymer - to replace aluminum in LED light heat sinks.
The transition from the metal to the polymers allowed to increase lamp lifetime by 200%, reduced the weight of the part and facilitated the manufacturing process.

Rear window of the Buick GL8 car produced with LEXAN™

SAIC General Motors (SGM) has launched a new line of the Buick GL8 car in China.
The rear window of the new Buick GL8 Avenir is made of transparent SABIC LEXAN™ polycarbonate and CYCOLOY™ PC/ABS (for blackout effect), which has reduced 40% of the weight and increased impact resistance compared to previous use of glass. The use of polycarbonate also allowed more freedom of design and thermal efficiency.

Case Studies SABIC

As part of its participation in the K-fair, Sabic® offers until the end of the year some case studies of its customers.
As part of its participation in the K-fair, where it presented its latest developments in the area of engineering materials, Sabic® offers until the end of the year some case studies of its customers from sectors as different as Packaging, Automobile, Construction, Health & Welfare, Consumer Goods and Transportation. In addition, you can also view some videos with customer testimonials. To consult the case studies click here, to view the videos click here.

New SABIC’s PP pilot plant to develop PP grades

SABIC has invested in the construction of a new pilot plant for the development of new PP grades that will start operations on March 2017 in Sittard, The Netherlands.
In this new plant, SABIC intends to develop PP grades with improved stiffness/impact and improved processing properties, among other specific properties required in different industries.

BUCHEM at the Plastics Seminar

The Plastics Seminar promoted annually by APIP (Portuguese Association of Plastics Industry) took place on 25th and 26th November in Óbidos (Portugal) and was attended by the manufacturer of chemical products for cleaning and mold protection - BUCHEM.
Dirk Frevel. BUCHEM’s Sales Director, presented its new solution for cleaning rust and limestone in the water circuits of temperature control units and molds. The cleaning process includes placing a filter and two cleaning fluids in different phases (one to clean and the other to neutralize and act with anti-corrosive properties). More information here.

AGI and FANUC at EMAF 2016

In a joint stand with FANUC, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda was once again present at the EMAF fair, from 23 to 26 November, at Exponor (Matosinhos).
The yellow stain left no room for doubt, the world leader in industrial automation - FANUC - was present at the EMAF. In Hall 2, stand 2A10, where yellow was king and technology was an emperor, visitors were able to see in operation a cell of production of an airtight package with a 100% electric injection machine from FANUC allied to peripheral equipment provided by AGI.

AGI promoted a course of fixing systems and installation of ventilated facades with Fundermax

It was at the AGI’s headquarters that, on 25th November, took place the course of fixing systems and installation of ventilated facades with FUNDERMAX phenolic panels under the project FUNDERMAX ACADEMY.
The program included technical presentations of the materials and subsequent practical application in which each group of trainees could experience the installation of a ventilated facade. After demonstrating their competences, each trainee obtained a training certificate that authenticated them as competent installers for this material. Next year, AGI will be promoting more editions of this free course for installers.

New name for SABIC PE metallocene resins

SABIC's new metallocene resins, recently announced, have undergone a change in their name.
Formerly known as SABIC® POP, SABIC® POE and SABIC® mLLDPE now adopt new designations: SABIC® COHERETM (POP), SABIC® FORTIFYTM (POE) and SABIC® SUPEERTM (mLLDPE). These resins are produced using Nexlene technology which uses metallocene catalysts in the process. The most common applications of this material are at the film industry, electrical cables, footwear and automotive. More information on this range here.

Novelties in the FENIX NTM® range

The range of the compact FENIX NTM® has been updated and from now on all color references (except 0716 and 0721) are available with equivalent core color.
Previously, only white had the same core color and the remaining colors had a black core. In the range of 0.9mm AGI will have stock of all color references.

Ineos Styrenics is now Synthos

INEOS has decided to divest its EPS business and has sold Ineos Styrenics to the Polish company Synthos, S.A.
Since August 31, 2016, Synthos has been holding Ineos Styrenics including its three plants located in France (2) and The Netherlands (1).

AGI adds new polycarbonate panel to its product range

AGI incorporated into its range of solutions for industrial roofing the new Polimer panel in translucent alveolar polycarbonate.
This new product is available for immediate delivery in 30mm thickness and opaline white color. The Polimer panels avoid the traditional need of use of accessories for enhancing the sandwich polyurethane overlap zone, since they have only one flap and reinforced trapezoidal area. Besides the interleaving in industrial roofs, the panels Polimer can also be used in translucent continuous roofing coatings. This material has ten-year warranty (see conditions) and fire classification of B-s1, d0.

New RAPID horizontal construction LBB

The new RAPID LBB (Low Built Base) is an extremely low built base granulator and is available in three widths: 900, 1200 and 1500 mm.
The unit can be equipped with a roll feeding unit synchronized to the thermoforming line speed, or with a simple tray that collects skeletal frames as they fall from the line. The modular granulator can also be configured to fit directly under a shredder to provide final size reduction.

SABIC launches new grade PP Flowpact FPC45 for rigid packaging

The new grade PP Flowpact FPC45 from SABIC® was developed specifically to provide more resistance to rigid packaging produced by injection molding.
Bert Claessens, Polypropylene Business Manager at SABIC®, explains: “We saw a need in the market for a material capable of delivering higher top load strength and superior stiffness in hot filling applications, what we have achieved is significant. SABIC PP FPC45 delivers a top load strength that is some 17% higher than current benchmark materials commercially available today.” SABIC has a strong focus on sustainability in its solutions for the packaging industry, Claessens further notes: “We regard SABIC® PP FPC45 as an important step forward that should enable our customers to use less material and less energy to produce rigid packaging with the same or even better properties than before, more quickly than before.”

AGI receives Innovation Award with FENIX NTM® product

Last 3rd June, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda received an Innovation Award assigned to FENIX NTM®, a nanotechnological material by Arpa Industriale S.p.A..
The Innovation Award is an initiative promoted annually by “Área Associativa” (a portuguese publisher responsible for three important newspapers in the Building & Construction market: “Jornal Construir”, “Anteprojectos” and “Projectista” ) that distinguishes the best practices, the best strategies and recognizes companies’ efforts in the production and distribution of the most innovative solutions in the categories "Business", "Materials and Products" and "Equipment".

AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda is the Arpa’s exclusive distributor in Portugal and since AGI has introduced FENIX NTM® in the portuguese market there have been a lot of compliments and requests from customers. The Innovation Award’s judge was also delighted by this material and has distinguished it in the Equipment (Furniture) category.

The ceremony took place in the Auditorium of the Ordem dos Engenheiros (Order of Engineers) in Lisbon and brought together 200 professionals from Architecture, Engineering and Construction. Fernando Albuquerque, product manager at AGI, received the award and assured to everyone present that "this is proof that a century-old company like AGI can and must remain young through the innovative products which sells and provides to the market".
AGI is committed to bring to the market forefront solutions for interior and exterior coatings, focusing on innovation, quality and product design.

This is not the first time that FENIX NTM® is awarded, there are a couple of awards that it has received since its launch: MaterialPreis award, Germany (May 2014); Dwell on Design award, USA (June 2014); ADI Design Index, Italy (September 2014); FX Award shortlist, UK (December 2014); Interzum "Best of the best" Award, Germany (May 2015).

Guzman Global has been appointed as Pan European distributor of SABIC’s POE product range

SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) has chosen Guzmán Global as its new European partner for the distribution of its POE (polyolefin elastomer) product range.
SABIC’s POE product range, that AGI is already marketing in Portugal, combines the properties of thermoplastics and elastomers. SABIC POE exhibits advantages of rubber such as flexibility and low compression set, combined with the processing ease of thermoplastics. These new materials are produced with the Nexlene technology, which combines a solution process with a proprietary metallocene catalyst. Guzmán Global is a Spanish raw materials distributor based in Valencia with 76 years of history and more than 27 years of business relationship with DSM, GE Plastics and the current SABIC. Guzmán Global is SABIC's Polymers and Specialties BU's distributor for Spain, Portugal, Italy and Turkey.

Nanotechnology and energetic efficiency highlighted in AGI booth at Tektónica trade fair

This year, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda participates in Tektónica – International Building and Construction Fair, at FIL in Lisbon, with two subjects that are making the agenda of building and construction sector: nanotechnology and energy efficiency.
Two subjects that, although they’re not related themselves, are walking side by side to answer to the customers’ needs.
Since January 2016, AGI is distributor of Fundermax phenolic compacts to ventilated façades: a coating solution that reveals to be efficient in the resolution of troubles in thermal insulation of buildings, once the air box that is created between the building and the façade allows the air flow, which represents a greater thermal comfort inside the building and will provide energy savings. AGI product portfolio also includes ALBOND aluminum composite which combine innovation and functionality with energy efficiency in the coating of façades. The range of colors, measures, thickness and textures of this efficiency materials will be in exhibition at AGI’s booth.
With regard to nanotechnology, FENIX NTM® speaks for itself. This is a solution for interior coating with nanotechnology properties which provide to this material the ability of self-repairing micro scratches by thermal healing. If you have doubts, check out the demonstration at AGI’s booth.
At AGI booth in Tektónica, Pavilion 2, booth 2A05, there will be also in exhibition the ARPA® HPL and phenolic compact for interior coating, Thermoclick polycarbonate sheet from SABIC® LexanTM to façade and translucent roofing and also the CliniwallTM PC/ABS sheets from SABIC® especially dedicated to health areas like hospitals, clinics, laboratories, white rooms and to public areas like schools, airports, and others.
With a wide product portfolio like this one, AGI’s expectations to this Tektonica edition remain high. “With a product portfolio so wide like this, it is certain that the customer that visit us always find what he needs. We maintain our commitment of delivering innovative products and, therefore, this year our booth transmits nanotechnology and energy efficiency”, said Gabriel Ilunga, responsible for Construction Materials Department at AGI.

AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda joins to the Incentive Program for Urban Rehabilitation in Lisbon (RE9)

Aware that it is increasingly imperative to intervene and invest in the rehabilitation of buildings whether in historic areas or in urban areas, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda decided to join the Incentive Program for Urban Rehabilitation in Lisbon (RE9).
RE9 is a City Council initiative of Lisbon that gives builders the opportunity to enjoy a number of partnerships with construction material suppliers that have unique conditions for this program, in addition to other advantages provided by the City Council as exemption of paying IMI, IMT, tax exemptions and other tax benefits.
In this partnership, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda is committed to offer exclusive conditions in the supply of building materials to the projects that are integrated within RE9 program. AGI is offering up to 30% discount on materials for interior and exterior coatings and also free technical advice and support in the development of ventilated facades.
AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda offers a wide range of products for exterior and interior coatings: phenolic compact FUNDERMAX® for ventilated facades, LEXANTM polycarbonate sheets for roofing and translucent facades, ALBOND aluminum composite for facades; and for interior coatings, the compact and HPL ARPA®, the nanotechnological material FENIX NTM® and also the opaque plates of PC/ABS named LEXANTM CLINIWALLTM. All these products are included in RE9 program.

Nanotechnology just a click away

The innovative nanotech material FENIX NTM® has come to stay!
That’s why we’ve created a website specifically for this product, with all its features, technical information, availability, range of colors and examples of application in order to you don’t miss anything when you’re choosing the best material for interior design.
FENIX NTM® - is a nanotech matt material – an innovative product for interior design which combines aesthetic solutions with the most advanced technological performance. It’s produced using last generation resins developed with the help of nanotechnology to provide new properties to this material and it is just a click away.
Please visit the new website at:

AGI participates for the 1st time at the Mold Seminar organized by CEFAMOL

AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda participated for the first time in the Mold Seminar organized by the National Association of Mold Industry (CEFAMOL) for professionals in the industry of molds and special tools.
This seminar consists on several sessions divided between four days (one session per day) and took place in Marinha Grande (14-17 March) and Oliveira de Azeméis (21-24 March). AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda participated on 15th and 22nd March with the following topics: Mold maintenance treatments; Mold and hot runner temperature control; Sequential injection processes. In the total, AGI’s sessions had more than 140 people, including plastics processors, mold makers and other companies from this industry.

Solvay produces new recycled PA 6.6 with high quality and performance

In the context of the LIFE+ sustainable development programme of the European Commission, Solvay has developed the Move4Earth project which consists on the creation of an innovative process for recycling post-industrial textiles, especially airbags.
According to Solvay, "the medium-term objective is to establish an efficient and sustainable reuse of these resources (post-industrial textiles) and manufacture recycled compounds PA 6.6 with very similar properties to the high performance TECHNYL® materials, usable in a wide range of eco-design applications." "The new recycled products will be manufactured under the same quality standards that TECHNYL® products are" says Peter Browning, Manager of Solvay Engineering Plastics activities.

Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda is the new Fundermax® distributor in Portugal

Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda starts this year 2016 with great news. AGI has selected the phenolic compact brand Fundermax and became its distributor for marketing in Portugal their Max Exterior product.
From this month the professionals of Building & Construction may find this products at AGI. What is the advantage of choosing Fundermax panels? FUNDERMAX is not just a production facility of phenolic compact but also a service partner and a design laboratory. To be highly competent in the three fields, FUNDERMAX can be an asset to your project because it will put it among the best. Max Exterior is a high-quality construction product which is used especially for long-lasting balcony and façade claddings. Max Exterior panels are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) made in one of the five plants that the brand has in Austria in accordance with EN 438-6, type EDF, in lamination presses under great pressure and at high temperatures and is covered with a resin developed with its own technology. These panels are warranted for 10 years of color stability in Class 4-5 according to the International Greyscale. Max Exterior is presented with a range of over 100 colors, with a satin finish (NT), brightness (NG) or anti-slip (NH), available in 4 formats (2800x1300mm; 2800x1854mm; 4100x1300mm; 4100x1854mm) with thicknesses from 4 to 13mm. The core of the panels is brown and has classification B-s2-d0 (fire retardant). The surface is resistant to light and weather thanks to the double-hardened resin. For the avoidance of doubt when choosing the coating material for your project, be aware that FUNDERMAX creates its products through sustainable resources and has the PEFC and FSC certification.

80 years of PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds

Known as PMMA, acrylic glass or simply acrylic, the molding compounds PLEXIGLAS® are rigid, transparent and colorless thermoplastic materials known for being easily mouldable and for its light weight and high strength. The first methacrylic injection-molding compounds were supplied in 1935.
Eighty years later, PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds prove they have not only withstood the test of time, involving enormous advances in technology, styles and ways of living, they have also weathered all the changes along the way and even played a crucial part in shaping them.
New and improved properties such as impact strength, maximum transparency and a high heat deflection temperature were specifically targeted in the course of the years through continuous improvements in products and processes. This also gave rise to a series of further developments for specialty applications that called for outstanding performance levels. Examples are PLEXIMID® molding compound with an extremely high heat deflection temperature, or PLEXIGLAS® Hi-Gloss, which was developed to meet special requirements for non-transparent car body applications.
In Portugal, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda is distributing PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds for 63 years.
Click here to see the PLEXIGLAS® evolution in the last 80 years.

Rapid invests in expanded test centre in Sweden

Size reduction equipment specialist Rapid has added a major extension to test facilities at its headquarters in Bredaryd, Sweden.
The expansion is the result of an important strategic investment made by Rapid’s new owner LIFCO very soon after it acquired the company at the beginning of this year. Rapid has added over 500 m² of space to its existing test area, taking total space to over 1100 m²; the area now houses granulators of all sizes. Most of the test area now also has a ceiling height of nine meters. “With all this added floor space, together with the extra height for cranes, we can build up and test complete production systems right here in our headquarters,” says Dr. Toni Reftman, CEO of Rapid Granulator AB.

ARPA® renewed its website and launched an online showroom

ARPA Industriale decided to renew its website to have a more modern platform, user-friendly and inspiring.
After four years with the same website, last October the brand took on the challenge of following the internet trends and created a web page with more images and based on the principle of a vertical content structure (just like on tablets and smartphones) for better viewing and interactivity. The new layout features a novelty that may be interesting to designers and creatives: a virtual showroom where they can inspire for their projects with ARPA HPL. Visit the new website at  

Augusto Guimarães & Irmão celebrates its 100th Anniversary

On 7th November, the Alfândega Congress Centre – Porto received more than 350 people in the Gala of the 100th Anniversary of AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda.
Customers and Suppliers have joined AGI team to celebrate a date that undoubtedly is a milestone to the company. The event began at 8 p.m. with a welcome cocktail and a short musical performance, continuing later with a gala dinner. On the stage, the famous Portuguese magician Mário Daniel brightened the night and, in a fanciful way, perpetuated an important date for all attendees. The speeches and thanks were in charge of the managers of AGI, by Mr. Paulo Guimarães and Mr. Nuno Guimarães and the President of the Guzmán Group, Mr. Fidel García-Guzmán Mañez and the CEO of Guzmán Group, Mr. Fidel García-Guzmán García which highlighted the role of each generation of Guimarães family in the long journey of AGI and congratulated the company and its employees for the longevity and perseverance.

Moldplas: an aftermath still seething

The fair Moldplas is, as always, rich in contacts and business opportunities. This time was no exception.
AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda was present at the 9th edition of Moldplas, held from 28th to 31th October in Exposalão (Batalha, Leiria), where presented an integrated production cell within the FANUC injection molding machine, fully electric, collaborates with two robots, a Cartesian and an articulated, in the production of hermetic glasses. In addition, on display at AGI's booth was the full range of essential peripheral equipment for the plastic processing industry. Contrary to usual, there were two Moldplas fairs in consecutive years (2014 and 2015) when his usual periodicity would be biennial. This was a decision taken by Exposalão in order to adjust the timing of the fair and from now on it will be held 2 in 2 years, in all odd years.

25 years of partnership with SABIC Specialty Film & Sheet

AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda was congratulated by SABIC Specialty Film & Sheet for 25 years of partnership and success between both companies.
Since 1990, AGI distributes the LEXAN polycarbonate sheets from SABIC to many reference works in Portugal and also distributes its plastics raw materials. The award was presented to Nuno Guimarães, Commercial Director of AGI, by the hand of Michel van Acht, General Manager EMEA SF&S e Erwin Roovers, Manager Distribution Sales & Inside Sales from SABIC.

100 years of adventures and an end-of-week in Alentejo

An important anniversary deserves a special celebration and 100 years justifies a different choice. This year, AGI’s birthday celebration had a special taste, not only by the date itself but also by the adrenaline that was felt.
On 25th and 26th September, the company provided to its employees an end-of-week with challenges but also to relax. The trip to the dam of Montargil, in Alentejo, was by bus in a very relaxed atmosphere. The stop for lunch was in Alcanena, Santarém. Arrived at the destination, the approximately 70 employees enjoyed the pool at the hotel and in the evening the celebratory dinner was animated by the contest "Who wants to be AGI?". The contest had questions about the company and the aim was to enjoy the conviviality amongst all. The next day, early in the morning several teams were created and distributed by a number of radical activities: Kayak, Buggies, Jeep and Cycling. On that day, the lunch was a picnic in the middle of Alentejo plain next to the Seda’s riverside, it was a great moment to relax after a morning with adrenaline.

PolyOne Innovation Day: a debate on the theme "Reducing the weight of the product while maintaining the functionality: Solutions with special thermoplastics"

AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda and PolyOne organized last 15th September 2015 the Seminar PolyOne Innovation Day under the theme "Reducing the weight of the product while maintaining the functionality: Solutions with special thermoplastics".
The seminar took place at the Hotel Yeatman in Vila Nova de Gaia and was attended for almost 70 customers AGI/Polyone. The lectures were given by David Sanchez (Product Manager Specialty EM Europe), Jose Galve (FTSE / R&D Scientist, EM Europe) and Sergio Moriano (Sales Manager EM Europe) from PolyOne. During a morning, customers had the opportunity to become aware of alternatives to conventional metal application with the possibility of processing in traditional machines and without loss of mechanical properties of the product. This was an excellent opportunity for our customers to know the latest developments with special thermoplastics that allow the conductivity of heat or electricity, to mimic the appearance of metal, to provide wear resistance and/or provide strength and rigidity.

31º Plastics Seminar – 1st to 3rd October 2015

In the year of its 40th Anniversary, APIP (Portuguese Plastics Industry Association) presents the 31st edition of Plastics Seminar.
From 1-3 October, APIP and more than a hundred professionals will be together at the Grande Hotel de Luso, in Coimbra (Portugal), for three days of networking and knowledge sharing.
This edition has AGI as sponsor and the participation of two international speakers, invited by AGI, which will debate the issues "Improving Efficiency in Processes and Reduce Costs Increasing Automation in the Factory" (Mattia Baldisserotto MB CONVEYORS ) and "AQUATECH - Efficiency in Modern Factories" (Stefano Pavanello AQUATECH).
More information about the event at:

Bosch’s 2015 Race for Solidarity: 13th September in Ílhavo (Aveiro)

Running is fashionable and help others too. If we add a bit of liveliness, we have a guaranteed party. This is the recipe for another edition of the Bosch’s 2015 Solidarity Race which takes place on September 13th in Ílhavo (Aveiro) and which has AGI’s support.
The IPO Porto will be the spotlight in this event that will bring together hundreds of athletes for fundraising. Other local institutions will also benefit from this initiative that already has a guaranteed place in Aveiro since 2012. Athletes, federated or not, may opt for a 10km race or, for those who prefer to enjoy the view, a 4km walk. It is certain that you will never lose because this day what matters is (winning) the solidarity. Join us on September 13th to run for those in need.
More information about the event at:

ARCHI SUMMIT: the 1st International Summit of Architecture in Portugal

It is with a great expectation that AGI and ARPA take part of the 1st International Summit of Architecture in Portugal, co-organized by the Association of Portuguese Architectures and Modal Creativity.
The event will take place on 10th and 11th July, in Oporto (at the charismatic Silo-Auto building) and aims to bring together several individuals and architecture offices into a debate about the “Internationalization of the Portuguese Architecture”. AGI invites you to attend this event, simply register yourself at choose “Invited by” and there you shall write “AGI”. Find out more at

Polymers 2015: 26th and 27th June in Guimarães with AGI support

Polymers 2015 organized by PIEP (Innovation in Polymer Engineering), DEP (Department of Polymer Engineering) and IPC (Institute for Polymers and Composites) will be held in the upcoming days 26th and 27th June at Centro Cultural Vila Flor, in Guimarães, and will include the AGI’s participation and institutional support.
Manuela Lopes, engineer and AGI’s sales representative for plastic raw materials, will make a presentation entitled "Replacing metals by high performance thermoplastics." In addition, AGI will also be present as event’s official sponsor and as a PIEP’s strategic partner in research and development in polymer engineering.
For one and a half days the event will bring “together industry and academia active in the Polymer and Composites Science and Engineering fields, fostering the exchange of experiences, as well as addressing some of the current and future technological and scientific challenges facing these materials”.
We remind you that this year AGI celebrates its 100th anniversary, accumulating great experience in the marketing of plastic raw materials and expertise in polymer engineering.
For further information please visit

4-day approach to the construction industry

In the past days 6th to 9th May, professionals of building and construction sector have visited FIL for another edition of Tektónica - International Fair of Construction and Public Works.
In these days AGI, as an exhibitor, had the opportunity to benefit from an approach to building and construction professionals and to spread its product portfolio mainly focused on interior and exterior coatings. As in previous years, this fair has attracted some business owners, investors, architects, engineers, consultants, installers, wholesalers, builders and contractors that accounted more than 38.000 visits. An increase of 14% compared to last year and which is expected to continue in 2016. To AGI, the results were positive, raising once again a number of important contacts for business development.

AGI adds to its product portfolio LEXAN™ CLINIWALL™ polycarbonate sheets for healthcare buildings

AGI has added to its construction materials’ portfolio the recent LEXAN ™ CLINIWALL ™, SABIC’s PC/ABS sheets for interior coatings especially for healthcare buildings such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, among others.
LEXAN™ CLINIWALL™ is an opaque polycarbonate plate that meets the requirements of fire reaction (Bs1d0) has excellent mechanical properties, as well as a great ease of cleaning stains. All this combined with its extreme ease of mechanization and installation make this sign a suitable candidate for applications in interior lining of walls, doors or sandwich panel, a wide variety of types of buildings and is available in standard and custom colors.
Compared to commonly used materials in interior applications, new LEXAN sheet materials significantly lower system costs as it is easy to install, directly attached to the wall, no timber battens or profiles are needed and through avoidance of secondary operations such as painting and coating, machining and polishing, and lower shipping costs by reducing weight. As it is suitable for thermoforming, corner elements, bumper rails and many other fittings can be produced easily, with no joints as a single skin.
The most recommended applications for this material are: hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, health centers, laboratories, schools, sports centers, changing rooms, among others.
AGI will have some stock available of these sheets to provide fast service and attention to the projects, as well as from other polycarbonate products such as LEXAN™ Thermoclear ™, Thermoclick ™ and Thermopanel ™.

Guzman Global at the fair Plast 2015

During the fair Plast 2015, several Guzman Global representatives attended the event.
Visiting, on business or as an exhibitor, all subsidiaries of Guzman Global were represented in this fair which is one of the largest plastics industry trade show. Nuno Guimarães and Tiago Coelho, on behalf of AGI, had the opportunity to cross with more than 50.000 visitors and to visit 1.558 exhibitors, among which were TECNO and BILCO, subsidiaries of Guzman Global. An excellent opportunity to be closer to customers, visit the main suppliers and explore possible synergies and partnerships. Roberto Bruson, Goffredo Berardini and Tommaso Berardini were the hosts responsible for TECNO and BILCO booth, along with the CEO of Guzman Global Fidel García-Guzmán, the Commercial Director Luis Iranzo, Juan Payá and Elena Borso responsible for the rubber & chemicals business area and the Turkish Commercial Director, Yesim Kangal.

Arpa® wins "Best of the Best" award of Interzum 2015

The Italian brand presented new colors for FENIX NTM® and HPL collection in its booth at Interzum 2015.
ARPA INDUSTRIALE SpA, an Italian manufacturer of HPL panels, attended the important International Trade Fair for Furniture Manufacturing, Design Materials and Interior Finishing - Interzum 2015 (Germany) - which took place 5-8 May 2015 and where its latest product FENIX NTM® won the "Best of the Best" award in the category "materials and surfaces". This award joins to the three other prizes that material FENIX NTM® has already received since it was launched: "materialPREIS", "Best Design Material" (Dwell on Design) and "ADI Design Index".

During the fair, the Italian brand presented four new colors of the award-winning material with nanotechnology surface, FENIX NTM®. The color range of this material now has a new "Bianco Kos" (ref 0032) that alludes to pristine landscapes characteristics of the Greek Islands and three new shades of gray, "Grigio Bromo" (ref 0724), "Grigio Ephesus" (ref 0725) and "Titanium Doha" (ref 2638), inspired by the volcanic ash that promises to give more design freedom to architects and designers. This material will also be available on plates of 3050x1300mm format in addition to the existing format of 4200x1600mm, both in thicknesses of 0.9, 1.2, 10 or 12mm.

Developed by a team of international experts and with the combination of unique features, the FENIX NTM® is produced by acrylic resins and treated through the process "Electron Beam". The use of nanotechnology on the surface allows the self-regeneration of micro-scratches through a heating treatment. FENIX NTM® is also extremely resistant to abrasion, friction, heat, impact, acid household reagents and solvents. Its surface is hygienic, easy to clean and suitable for contact with food.

The HPL general collection of ARPA also had news in this edition of Interzum 2015. They introduced eight new colors to the range "Materic Expressions", six colors for the range "Woods" and even two new finishes: "Jazz" and "Urban".
All these ARPA® and FENIX NTM® products are distributed in Portugal by AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda.

New multifunctional table TR3 supports SISE equipment

The manufacturer of temperature controllers and production control systems, SISE, which AGI distributes in Portugal, presents the new multifunctional table TR3 to support its range of equipment.
Aware that the amount of peripherals required for a production line can sometimes take up too much desktop space and even cause some confusion, SISE decided to present a solution: a multifunctional table that lets you arrange several peripheral equipment in a single space, in a much more compact form.
This table will allows an easy accommodation of the equipment in three shelves, one of them being adjustable in height and tilt. It has four cable tray, a tray for retaining fluids and dimensions adapted to SISE products. The two handles and four swivel wheels make it easy to move and transport.
Despite being designed for SISE equipment, this multifunctional table can be used for accommodation and transportation of other devices with similar dimensions. This table occupies only 755x1215x538mm at your desktop.
The product is available for sale in Portugal by AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda.

FANUC invests in new plant and laboratories

The world's leading in robotics industry and pioneer in the field of injection machines, FANUC CORPORATION, will invest over 740 million euros in building a new plant in order to strengthen the production capacity of its main products: CNC, servo motors and servo amplifiers.
The agreement for the acquisition of 695 000 m2 in the Industrial Park "Mibu-Hanyuda" (in Tochigi, Japan) is already completed and on 19th September FANUC formalized the purchase of 377,000 m2 for the first construction phase. The new plant will consist in four buildings (factory electronic components, servo motors factory, mold factory and shipping center), occupying approximately 254,000 m2 of covered area. The forecast for the completion of these works is April 2016.
However, FANUC infrastructure investments do not end here. In order to improve their reliability and speed production, FANUC also decided to expand the laboratories at its headquarters in Japan. The additional investment of 222 million euros will allow them to build 4 more laboratory buildings, a total of 66 000 m2 with completion scheduled to May 2016. This expansion of laboratories will enable FANUC to introduce new equipment and more points of reliability, resulting in better equipment/products.
AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda began its relationship with FANUC with the distribution of ROBOSHOT injection machines, innovating once again with the introduction of cutting edge technology in our market. The ROBOSHOT are fully electric and have a unique CNC control in the world. All ROBOSHOT machines and its main components (controls, amplifiers and motors) are manufactured 100% in FANUC factory in Japan. These machines enables an improvement in productivity and energy savings of the plastics processing industry, covering a wide range of applications in the aerospace industry, automotive, consumer goods, education, food, pharmaceutical, solar panels, among many others.

AGI presents in Tektónica new wood tones for “Wood Decors” range of Trespa® Meteon® sheets

Trespa® distributor for over 10 years, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda will present six new wood tones at their stand in Tektónica (FIL, Lisbon), from 6 to 9 May 2015.
Last February, Trespa® presented six distinct shades of gray woods to add to its range of wooden decorations, as well as new Naturals with metallic matt finish. These new colors were developed in collaboration with an international team of architects and incorporates a new feature of natural wood, while maintaining the solid reliability and durability of exterior panels Trespa® Meteon®. Trespa® Meteon® panels are suitable for ventilated facades and stand out for their high technical performance and unique design. In Portugal, AGI represents this dutch brand since 2004 and there are several projects which had AGI technical advice for the application of these panels. At AGI booth in Tektónica, Hall 2, booth 2A05, there will also be on display ARPA® products, with examples of sanitary cabins and lockers created with HPL compact of 12mm, the innovative FENIX NTM® can be seen and tested in a counter and a kitchen; and an illuminated wall with polycarbonate plates Thermoclick allows the visitors to clarify all the properties of coatings and coverings with SABIC® LexanTM. Customers can also rely on other news such as the newest polycarbonate plates CliniwallTM of SABIC® especially dedicated to the health areas such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, clean rooms and also for public places like schools, airports, among others. Offering a more and more complete product portfolio, AGI expectations for this edition of Tektónica remain high. "Our customers and visitors will have the opportunity to see and test a wide range of products we offer to the market and this is a reason to believe that the feedback can only be positive because we are aware that our products have quality" says Gabriel Ilunga, head of the Building & Construction Department of AGI. Several steps have been taken towards internationalization and this year will be no exception, "AGI will continue to invest in markets such as Angola and Mozambique for the distribution of its product portfolio which at the moment are being very well received in these emerging markets. We already have some projects in the pipeline." said Gabriel Ilunga.

SABIC ensures a 30% increase in the production capacity of ULTEMTM

SABIC announced at NPE show ("The International Plastics Showcase," Florida) that will add more than 700 million pounds of material production capacity in the next five years — including a 30% capacity increase into their much-desired Ultem-brand polyetherimide resin.
Higher-than-expected demand for ULTEMTM caused a shortage of the material late last year. The investment is assured and the Executive Vice-President of SABIC IP, Keith Smith, guarantees that is being studied the idea of increasing the production lines in factories of Mount Vernon (USA) and Cartagena (Spain) to achieve the increase of 30% on the production capacity of ULTEMTM.
The expansion of SABIC's production capacity also includes a new polycarbonate production line at the Chinese plant operated in a joint venture with Sinopec.

Font: European Plastics News

Check out the conveying and storage line that you can create with MB Conveyors’ equipment

Click in the image to see the video!
Conveying line composed by an inclined MB conveyor to be positioned under IMM, and an EV elevator with buffering hopper and upper flat part, which unloads the product in a vertical storage carousel mod CAV for the filling of 4 boxes.

Presentation of FENIX NTM in Lisbon and Oporto

In March, AGI organized for its customers the "Presentation of the Phenolic Compact from ARPA" in Lisbon and Oporto.
Featured was the recent product of ARPA, the phenolic FENIX NTM with nanotechnology on the surface, from which were presented the technical features, range of colors and tested their main features: Anti Fingerprint, thermal healing of microscratches, low light reflectivity and hydro repellent. In these events was heard the market to know about the receptivity of this product in Portugal and which colors would be more accepted in this market.
The FENIX NTM was released in 2014 and won two design awards in the same year: the first was the prestigious Materialpreis (Stuttgart, Germany) that recognizes the product as innovative for interior and exterior design and the second prize was awarded during the fair Dwell on Design in Los Angeles, where the FENIX NTM was considered an inspiring material.
Take a look at the video report:
Click here to see the video

100th Anniversary of AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda

Founded in 1915, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda this year celebrates its 100th anniversary.
As an important date that highlight the success of a long journey, AGI decided to mark this date with a commemorative logo. The new logo represent the linkages of AGI team that helped the company to achieve this target.
To AGI 2015 is above all an achievement. It was a 100 years ago that the founders Augusto Lopes da Silva Guimarães and Carlos Lopes da Silva Guimarães, brothers, began an adventure and created the company. In order to continue to succeed, the words Service, Excellence and Rigor are the AGI’s commitment to the next years.

AGI promotes a selection of HPL from ARPA especially for Kitchen Furniture

As an official ARPA distributor in Portugal, AGI promotes this year a selection of special HPL for kitchen furniture.
Available on sheets with 3050x1300mm, this special selection for kitchens includes a range of vibrant and deep colors, matte lacquer type, velvety woods, woods and smooth both glossy and textured and also two stone colors.
This is a tool and an alternative application of the product that AGI offers to their customers and partners.

AGI in 11th place of the 1000 largest PME companies from EXAME magazine

In the January edition, the Portuguese EXAME magazine listed AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda in 11th place in the list of the 1000 largest PME in the country.
This ranking is annually prepared by Exame magazine with the support of CGD bank. Celebrating this year its 100º anniversary, AGI wants a sustainable growth that would begin a new century of business, with enhanced energy.

Solvay’s Technyl® innovation center offers to its customers and partners laboratories to test pieces

Solvay Engineering Plastics’ Technyl® innovation center, a world leader in advanced polyamide solutions that AGI also distributes in Portugal, provides to its customers and partners laboratories to test pieces at its facilities in Lyon, France.
These laboratories include glycol flow tests capable of testing up to six pieces in a row at temperatures up to 135º and the oil under static pressure, which (for example) enabled a leading supplier of automotive systems - MAHLE – to develop filter modules innovative oil.
Furthermore, Solvay also provides vibration tests with agitators equipment equipped with a thermal chamber at temperatures ranging from -35º and + 180 ° with capacity of test frequencies between 5 Hz and 2000 Hz. Other available equipment include a dynamic tensioning device for tests with ended pieces with a 30kN load and a laboratory of hot air pulsatile pressure which goes up to 220º C.
Image: Solvay (Innovation Centre in France)

AGI and FANUC met 40.000 professionals in EMAF

The 'industrial revolution' was extremely present in another EMAF edition, where production technology that supports the different manufacturing industries was highlighted as an important asset for business growth.
AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão Lda attended the 15th edition of this event which took place from 19th to 22th November at EXPONOR and was part of more than 340 companies that once again presented itself to the market. There were four days of professional contacts which resulted in some business opportunities.
The fair was attended by 40.000 trade visitors, from which 2.000 were foreign visitors from Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Brazil, China, Ireland, Switzerland, United States, Hungary, Czech Rep., Turkey, South Africa and Angola.
With a positive feedback from this fair, AGI will be waiting for the next opportunity to introduce more and better news into the sector.

AGI in contact with more than one hundred Angolan entrepreneurs

Projekta has been a mirror of the development of the building and construction sector in Angola and this year was no exception.
From 23th to 26th October over a hundred Angolan businessmen visited the fair and have met AGI at AIP-Tektónica Pavilion. Angola has been an economy with a healthy growth, able to attract large investments and therefore AGI had to attend this event.
In a growing market, AGI continues to consolidate its presence and introduce to architects and homebuilders solutions for façade cladding, interior cladding and translucent roofing.
The market has been very responsive to this and so results continue to amaze. AGI has returned to Portugal with some business opportunities in Angola and expectations regarding next year are positive.

AGI and FANUC come together at EMAF to present integrated solutions of equipment to the plastics industry

AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda in partnership with FANUC, will attend the 2014 edition of EMAF - International Trade Fair for Machinery, Equipment and Services for Industry – during 19th to 22nd November in Exponor (Matosinhos) to provide integrated solutions of equipment to the plastics industry.
The booth shared between AGI and FANUC will show to its visitors an injection molding machine ROBOSHOT with artificial intelligence functions complemented with two robots, integrating a Cartesian robot WEMO 8-5 and an articulated robot FANUC M10 in the same production cell. The process is also assisted by a RAPID granulator, peripherals PIOVAN and temperature controllers from SISE.
FANUC is a Japanese brand world leader in robotics and pioneer in the area of injection, known for producing the most stable and reliable robots in the world. The ROBOSHOT allows an improvement in productivity and energy savings of the plastics processing industry. In this edition of EMAF, in addition to their line of CNC controllers, FANUC will have in exhibition a machine of wire cutting ROBOCUT and a machining center ROBODRILL.
AGI will be at booth 2A50 in Hall 2, and can be visited during the fair between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Visit us at the fair PROJEKTA in Angola from 23rd to 26th October!

AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda will attend the 12th edition of the fair PROJEKTA, dedicated to the Building and Construction, Architecture and Urbanism sector held in Angola.
From 23rd to 26th October, AGI can be visited in the FILDA facilities, between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.
AGI will be promoting building and construction materials for interior design as the HPL from ARPA and the phenolic compact FENIX NTM, but also materials for exterior coatings such as the phenolic compact TRESPA and polycarbonate sheets from SABIC.
Also this week, AIP-Trade fairs, Congresses and Events organizes the Business Week Angola Portugal, from 20th to 27th October, with more than 40 Portuguese companies participating.

AGI will be present at Equiplast through its subsidiary AGI España

Continuing its process of internationalization, Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda (AGI) will be present for the first time in the most important trade fair for plastics and rubber in the Iberian Peninsula, Equiplast, through its subsidiary AGI España.
The fair will be held from 30 September to 3 October at the Fira Barcelona (Recinto Gran Vía) in Barcelona, Spain.
AGI España offers to its visitors and customers a global solution for the supply of raw materials and equipment for the plastics industry.
Under the theme "We Assure Competitiveness", AGI España present its wide product portfolio. In exhibition will be a FANUC electrical injection machine with artificial intelligence functions complemented with a set of two robots, a cartesian robot incorporating WEMO 8-5 with an articulated robot FANUC M10 in the same production cell. The process is also assisted by a RAPID granulator and temperature controllers from SISE.
Integrating these devices appropriately, AGI España ensures to its customers technology, flexibility, economy and reliability, which represents an increase of competitiveness on their businesses: lower costs, lower risks of production and greater profitability.
EQUIPLAST takes place every three years at Fira Barcelona (Recinto Gran Vía), where gathers the most important national and international companies in the supply of raw materials, equipment and services to the plastics and rubber industry. AGI España will have the C311 booth at Hall 3 (level 0), and will be open every day of the fair, from 10am to 20h.
We must remember that this year AGI had already attended the fair MOLDPLAS (Exposalão, Portugal) in May and Tektónica Fair (FIL, Lisbon). The focus on the international market is not restricted to the Iberian Peninsula and AGI is already present in new emerging markets such as Angola and Mozambique in the distribution of building materials.

AGI will sponsor the Polymers and Moulds Innovations International Conference

AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda will sponsor the 6th edition of Polymers and Moulds Innovations (PMI 2014) international conference that will be held from 10 to 12 September at the University of Minho, in Guimarães.
Previous editions of this conference were always held in Ghent (Belgium) in collaboration with the University of Minho, but this time the event came to Portugal and promises to have a large membership of professionals.
The issues chosen for this edition of the PMI in 2014 are closely related to the impact of industrial plastics and molds, the kind of matters that are not always privileged in many international conferences on plastics. Thus, to this edition are announced the following:
• Additive Manufacturing
• Advanced polymeric composites
• Developments in polymer processing
• Moulds and mold making innovations
• New tool materials
• Polymer processing simulation
• Sustainable polymer processing
• Rapid tooling
• Trends in product development
More information about the event:

Wemo presents new robots xDesign and sDesign

The robot Wemo xDesign was designed as an all-rounder for all kinds of applications in the molding of technical parts with a more complex automation.
The innovative design and high-tech components result in stability and high precision movements. Regarding the new robot sDesign it is extremely fast and reliable. Intelligent software optimizes the performance and communication, resulting in ultra-short time to a faster and sustained production cycle.
Innovations of the new robots xDesign and sDesign:
1. Powerful servo motors and high precision planetary gearboxes ensure energy efficient movements.
2. With high efficiency integrated vacuum ejectors, the consumption of compressed air is considerably reduced.
3. Free released axes function eliminates forces on the vertical arm and ensures long lifetime on bearings and linear guides.
4. Powerlink Bussystem for fast reaction and precise synchronization with response time below 0,5 milliseconds to reduce delay times in the process.
5. To save energy consumption and reduce mechanical wear, was developed the eco function for adaptive adjustment of cycletime to the actual cycle of the machine.

VdA Champions League – playing football for a good reason

Last Saturday, 28th June, at the Football field of F.C.Foz, eight teams from important companies faced each other in a Solidarity Football tournament during all morning.
There’s always a good reason to make some exercise, but this time there was a much better reason – to help those who help others.
Last Saturday, 28th June, at the Football field of F.C.Foz, eight teams from important companies faced each other in a Solidarity Football tournament during all morning.
The VdA Champions League, organized by the Firm of Lawyers Vieira de Almeida & Associados (VdA), joined on the field AGI, Bial, Cerealis, Cofina, F3M, Galp Energia, José Mello de Saúde and their own firm, VdA.
Desirous to make the difference, all of them switched their suit and tie for shorts and t-shirts and ran on the field in order to help the “Bagos D’Ouro” Association.
Along with the spirit of solidarity, was very fair-play, socializing and good times to remember.

For the third consecutive time AGI sponsors Bosch’s Race for Solidarity

For the 3rd consecutive year, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda sponsors Bosch’s Race for Solidarity that will take place on next Sunday, 29th June, in the city of Aveiro.
The event has two distinct competitions, race (10Km) and walk (4km), where participants once again show their solidarity and fair play spirit towards a good cause.
The amount raised from registrations and sponsorships will be donated to the following institutions: Ajuda de Berço, Acção Social Humanitária da Universidade de Aveiro, Cáritas de Aveiro – Centro de Emergência Infantil, Centro de Acção Social do Concelho de Ílhavo and to the Associação Humanitária “Mão Amiga”.
AGI invites everyone to participate in this race and to contribute to the reduction of precarity and risk in the surrounding community.
For further information please visit:

AGI was distinguished by Rosendahl for the excellent results in the last years

Partnership between the two companies has 18 years
During the fair Wire 2014, which took place from 4th to 6th April in Düsseldorf, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda was distinguished by Rosendahl for its excellent results and close partnership over the last 18 years of cooperation.
This award was delivered to AGI representatives, Pedro Brandão and João Bessa, by Hans Jäckl, Rosendahl’s Commercial Manager, in Düsseldorf last 6th April.
Rosendahl, Austrian company leading in extrusion lines, offers a number of solutions for producing cables, automotive, communications or for fiber optics industry. The Austrian company is internationally recognized for more than 50 years of technology and know-how in the production of machines and production lines, and since 1997 belongs to the family group Knill of Austria.

AGI presented FENIX NTM from Arpa Industriale in Tektónica

With the certainty that 2014 will be a better year in the building and construction business, AGI - Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda started to commercialize the latest and innovative compact phenolic FENIX NTM by Arpa Industriale.
In Tektónica - International Trade Fair for Construction and Public Works – held from 6th to 10th May at FIL, AGI - Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda presented to the Portuguese market this product. FENIX NTM is a unique product with almost no competitors in the market.
Among its many distinguishing features, we highlight the surface with nanotechnology that allows self - repair thermally of risks, their anti-fingerprint surface, strengthening anti-bacterial properties and soft touch.
This material smart surface is suitable for different applications of interior design: kitchen, hotels, healthcare, bathroom, furniture (tables, shelves, partitions, chairs, etc..) And can be used vertically or horizontally.
The ARPA products for interior design applications, the polycarbonate sheets from Sabic and TRESPA products with various solutions for cladding, are some of the products which have been featured at the AGI’s booth. Thinking of internationalization, potential customers and also on possible partnerships, AGI’s focus on promoting their products to a target audience that gathers homebuilders, engineers, architects, designers and planners. Nuno Guimarães, AGI’s Commercial Director says "there are shy signals of improvement in the sector in which we operate, but AGI knew how to overpass some difficulties either by the type of product that sells has by our commitment to internationalization."
AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda was present in Hall 2, Stand 2A05, and gave the opportunity to its visitors to test the new product.

AGI will attend the fair Moldplas at Exposalão (Portugal – Batalha, Leiria)

AGI - Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda will attend this year edition of the fair MOLDPLAS - Show of machinery, equipment, raw materials and technology to mold and plastic – held from 7th to 10th May in Exposalão (Batalha, Leiria) with the most modern equipment solutions for the plastics industry.
In this edition, AGI will present the broad portfolio of products that distributes under the slogan "WE ASSURE YOU COMPETITIVENESS" .

AGI will be sharing the both with FANUC, and will show an injection molding machine Roboshot with artificial intelligence functions complemented with a 8-5 WEMO robot. Alongside this AGI will show the equipments from other brands distributed by AGI such as: PIOVAN, RAPID, WEMO, SISE, HELIOS and MB Conveyors, thus completing the broad portfolio that ensures AGI response to all the needs of the plastics processing industry.

For the first time, AGI introduced the discharging system – OKTOMAT- from the german brand HELIOS, allowing a total discharging of octabins and bigbags through its integration into systems by vacuum suction. This system eliminates the operator's intervention during the entire production process, and eliminates the problems correlated with its handling.

AGI will be at booth 3A06, in Hall 3, and can be visited every day during the fair between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Innovation, technology, reliability, cost effectiveness, economy and flexibility are the watchwords for this event. At 9th May, AGI together with SABIC, will organize a workshop from 9.30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. also at Exposalão where will present the latest developments in technical and high-performance plastics.

Portuguese architects visit Trespa® Design Centre in Barcelona

AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda organized, on 14th and 15th February, a dozen Portuguese architects to visit Trespa® Design Centre in Barcelona (Spain).
On the two days, the architects had the opportunity to meet the Barcelona Design Centre, one of the three existing in the world besides New York and Santiago, to get know about the latest news from Trespa® products, and take a tour to see some inspirational and emblematic buildings of Barcelona. The Trespa® Design Centre Barcelona opened its doors in 2011 and since then has been receiving visits from several Spanish and foreign architects, and was referenced as an inspiring space perfect for formal and informal meetings between architects. According to Trespa®, the main goal of its Design Centres "is to foster creativity and spark the imagination of design professionals responsible for innovative architecture" and also let their clients to learn about the benefits of Trespa® façade cladding solutions. Image: Trespa®

Global Guzman with a renovated online image

The 75th Anniversary of Global Guzman served as the reason for remodelling the company's online image. It now has a new, more attractive and dynamic website.
The homepage now allows faster access to all information and the full-screen images on the back of the page conect you to the corporate image created especially for the 75th anniversary. 
 Visit the new page at:

Making Christmas special for those who need it most

Once again this year, AGI - Augusto Guimarães & Irmão Lda decided to help some institutions who count on us to be able to continue their campaigns and projects on behalf of the most disadvantaged in the community.
Our contribution this holiday season will be to the following institutions:
- Aldeia S.O.S (S.O.S Children's Villages)
- Casa Gaiato (Home for boys)
- "Irmãzinhas dos Pobres" Old Folk's Home
- Associação dos Albergues Nocturnos do Porto (Porto Association for the Homeless ()
Our Christmas card will also help a child live a little better.
We believe that our customers and partners share AGI family's feeling of solidarity this season.
Thank you for being on our side and allowing us to share with you our concern about the welfare of those around us.
On behalf of the AGI family, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2014!

Projekta Fair – 24 to 27 October

In the year it celebrates its 98th anniversary, AGI-Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda will once again be taking part in the Projekta Fair, which will be held in Luanda, Angola, from 24 to 27 October.
This is the 11th Projekta Fair, which has had "an average annual growth rate of about 18% over the last decade".

Company sales of construction materials, particularly for interior finishes, ventilated walls and roofs have increased quite a lot. This is why AGI has plans for internationalisation and Angola is one of the chosen destinations, in this sector that shows such great potential for growth.

AGI-SABIC Technical Seminar on 2 October

AGI, in partnership with SABIC, is organising a Technical Seminar on 2nd October, in the Yeatman Hotel in Vila Nova de Gaia.
The event will be attended by European representatives of SABIC’s various business areas, the AGI Commercial Department and some customers, who will be discussing the latest trends in the plastic processing industry, exchanging experiences and sharing knowledge.

At the end, there will be time to enjoy the views over the Douro and for some Wine Tasting.

XXIX Plastics Seminar (APIP)

AGI - Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda supported and participated in the XXIX Plastics Seminar held on 19, 20 and 21 September at the Hotel D. Inês, in Coimbra.
Nuno Guimarães, commercial director at AGI said: "the distribution of plastic raw materials and equipment for the plastics industry is the core business of AGI and, as such, participation in initiatives that promote this sector is very important for advertising our work, but also for finding out what’s new. The APIP seminar is the annual meeting place for entrepreneurs in the sector".

The seminar, organised by the APIP (Portuguese Plastics Industry Association), addressed themes such as: "Financial Sector, Challenges and Innovation", “Resuming to Growth – A Must for Portugal and Europe", "Shale Gas" and "Evolution of Trends in the Packaging Industry and Solutions for Reducing Weight".

In addition to the topics under discussion, the seminar programme also included workshops on the second day, Saturday (21 September). At the end of that day, there was time for a visit to the department of Mechanical Engineering at Universidade de Coimbra.

AGI sponsors Bosch’s 2nd Race for Solidarity

AGI - Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda sponsored Bosch’s 2nd Race for Solidarity helded on 22nd June between the cities of Ílhavo and Aveiro.
This initiative of the Bosch Group, with the support of the University of Aveiro, Aveiro City Hall, Ílhavo City Hall as well as the Aveiro Industrial Association, aims to raise funds to be allocated to three institutions that support at-risk children in precarious environments. The participants, whether federated athletes or not, can choose between a 10K race or a 4K walk. With the needy and disadvantaged in mind, AGI, which had already supported the first edition, contributes once again to this project and wishes the organization every success in the pursuit of its objectives. For more information about the event, please visit:

Tektónica 2013 yields positive results

Having been present at Tektónica 2013 from 7th to 11th May, AGI – Augusto Guimarães & Irmão issued a positive evaluation of yet another International Trade Fair for Construction and Public Works.
Having been present at Tektónica 2013 from 7th to 11th May, AGI – Augusto Guimarães & Irmão issues a positive evaluation of yet another edition of the International Trade Fair for Construction and Public Works. For five days, the main suppliers in the construction sector were together at FIL, providing visitors with a wide range of products, equipment and services. AGI’s stand, 2A05, located in Pavilion 2, exceeded all expectations and this was a unique opportunity to establish new contacts with customers and suppliers.

Searching for novelties in the sector

Always in search of innovation, know-how and what's new in the sector, AGI - Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda will embark on a tour of the main international fairs in 2013 and will bring home the best of what there is out there.
Promoting networking, establishing and strengthening partnerships, acquiring new skills and keeping abreast of new trends are the main dividends to be reaped from this business itinerary. On the agenda there are visits to Chinaplas 2013 (Guangzhou, China), K2013 (Düsseldorf, Germany) and Batimat (Paris).

AGI Spain creates a new business area

At the beginning of last year, AGI – Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda made the purchase of all of the capital in ROMGOM,SLU’ official and changed its name to AGI Spain.
In order to respond to the emerging needs of the Spanish market, AGI Spain will also be selling equipment for the plastics industry in 2013. The two companies, AGI and AGI Spain, now respond to the needs of the sector throughout the entire Iberian Peninsula.

AGI faz demonstração de flexibilidade, performance e economia na MOLDPLAS

A AGI – Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda marca presença na edição 2015 da MOLDPLAS - Salão de máquinas, equipamentos, matérias-primas e tecnologia para moldes e plásticos – de 28 a 31 de Outubro, na Exposalão (Batalha, Leiria) onde apresentará os seus equipamentos sob o mote “ASSEGURAMOS COMPETITIVIDADE”. Inovação, tecnologia, fiabilidade, rentabilidade, economia e flexibilidade voltam a ser as palavras de ordem durante este certame.
A AGI fará uma demonstração de flexibilidade, performance e economia, recorrendo a um conjunto de máquina de injecção ROBOSHOT FANUC, robot cartesiano WEMO e robot articulado FANUC, idêntico ao da última edição com o qual produzirá uma peça de forma completamente automatizada. A montagem de uma peça formada por três componentes que os robots manipulam de forma colaborativa entre os dois, recorrendo a uma série de funções disponíveis incluindo a visão artificial integrada, permite demonstrar a adaptação fácil dos mesmos equipamentos a tarefas diferentes mantendo um avançado nível de automatização e autonomia. A célula em demonstração não teria capacidade de autonomia sem o recurso a todos os periféricos necessários desde os controladores de temperatura de molde, ao sistema centralizado de desumidificação e transporte da PIOVAN, o prático sistema de esvaziamento automático de oktabins da HELIOS, ao granulador para reciclagem em linha da RAPID e o controlador de temperatura de canais quentes da SISE. Os visitantes poderão ainda apreciar individualmente cada uma das marcas que a AGI distribui, tomando conhecimento das últimas inovações e tecnologias que permitem a flexibilidade e fiabilidade fundamentais para garantir a competitividade e rentabilidade do seu processo. PIOVAN, WEMO, RAPID, SISE, HELIOS, SELLA e MB CONVEYORS compõem a vasta gama de equipamentos presentes no stand. Destacamos também as funções de inteligência artificial proporcionadas pelo inovador controlo CNC da máquina de Injecção ROBOSHOT da FANUC que estarão em funcionamento para vislumbre dos visitantes. Este ano a FANUC volta a juntar-se ao stand da AGI para apresentar a restante gama ROBOMACHINE com as fresadoras CNC ROBODRILL e corte por fio ROBOCUT que partilham o mesmo tipo de controlo e tecnologia de comando numérico. A AGI estará no stand 3A12, no pavilhão 3 no horário da feira todos os dias entre as 10h e as 20h.

The company was pioneer in having quality certification, in Portugal, according to ISO 9001.

Currently, we have ISO 9001:2015 certification.

Quality Certification
AGI - Augusto Guimarães & Irmão, Lda
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